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Last update: 31 March 2009

Creating interactive exercises with detailed context sensitive feedback is a lot of work. Would you like to contribute? You choose the level of involvement. Our students will profit from our work, since it is published on the WWW and accessible to anyone. These programs will always be freeware. How can I join this project? If you find a typo, or would like to suggest a 'better' response or feedback, please don't hesitate to email me. Other projects are listed at the bottom of this page.

1. Los Números:
Numbers 70 to 2000000

Finished. Some items with feedback. Sound.
(25 items 2/5/05) [500 Kb]
Student sees e.g. '73' and has to write out (i.e. spell) the number. Student may choose to listen to native speaker to hear each of the 25 numbers.

2. Pronouns:
Double Object Pronouns, DOPs

Finished. Most items with feedback.
(8 items 9/24/04) [28 Kb]
Indirect object pronouns, me te le (se) nos os les (se); Direct object pronouns: lo la los las. HELP pages with grammar information included.

3. Verbs:
Preterite vs. Imperfect - Viaje a Europa

Somewhat Finished. All items self-correcting, some items with detailed feedback.
(37 items 12/11/05) [3.7 Mb Kb]
Student type conjugated verb form in either preterite or imperfect.

Preterite - 16 strong irregular verbs / Pretérito
Drill only for now; right/wrong feedback
(85 items 9/21/04) [27 Kb]
This exercise covers 16 strong irregular verbs in the preterite: andar, estar, tener, dar, haber (auxiliary), poder, poner, saber, ir, ser, hacer, traer, querer, venir, decir, traducir.

4. You choose by contacting me and by developing items for the next program.

Miscellaneous Projects

I. El Cuerpo/Body Parts
Finished. Self-correcting, Audio, Photos. (36 items 1/10/06) [1.9Mb]
See pictures of Creighton students, listen to native speakers from Spain and Venezuela, type the correct spelling with self-correcting feedback.

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