Introduction to the Culture of Collegiate Life

RSP101-CM, Fall 2013:
Dr. O. Böhlke, A. Schmanski, and B. Warrington.

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Top: Week No. 1
We meet this Thursday in Old Gym 321 @ 12:30-1:20
Green - what we do in class
Homework you turn in today.
Thursday, August 22
First impressions 10 min;
Study tips 10-15 min. with A. Schmanski;
4-Yr. Plan, due in week 3;
understanding RSP and the shared responsibilities of academic advising, RSP Syllabus
Required: Alcohol Awareness Co-Curricular, “Party Smart at CU”
Study Skills (done by A. Schmanski)
















Top: Second week
29 August

Required: Continue on Core Curriculum; University policies and support; Undergraduate Bulletin PDF (or Web page);

Sign-up sheet for meetings with preceptor;

HW: (very short) Read page 132 "A duty to heal", for discussion today if time permits.

HW: Work on your 4-year plan (.xls handout from last week):

HW: Sign-up sheet for our first one-on-one meeting.

Helpful links: Core Curriculum; 2013-2014 PDF Bulletin; Interactive Pyramid (link fixed!) ;










Top: Week three
5 September
Homework: bring 4-yr plan with 2 years filled in to class

Reading and discussion of This I Believe, pages 7-62 (Give a 2-minute oral reaction to one essay of your choice AND in Blueline ==> Discussions, post a) Titel of Story with page number, and b) 15-25 words about the gist of the selected story.

Required: Individual Advising appointments completed by 9/18 officially. Our last day to meet is 9/16.

Recommended attendance at Involvement Fair next week.
Skutt Ballroom in the Skutt Student Center

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

HW: 1. Have two years done on your four-year plan.
HW: 2. If #1 is done, then contact me for an appointment. Sign-up sheet for meetings with preceptor

Required attendance at Freshman Transitions Co-Curricular












Top: Week four
12 September
We will meet in the Reinert Alumni Library main campus library for a library tour.
HW: Schedule an appointment with me asap so that we can meet before 9/18.
no HW - library tour.
library tour on Thursday at 12:30 with Mike Poma.









Top: Week five
19 September
Meet in classroom; How is it going?; "This I Believe" presentations (part 2);
HW: This I Believe, pages 7-62 give a 2-minute oral reaction to one essay of your choice TODAY.
Core Curriculum
PDF Bulletin;
Interactive Pyramid (link fixed!)
4-year plan









Top: Week six
26 September
(edited late); How was your week?; Liberal Education at Creighton - PDF handout;
Time permitting - This I Believe;









Top: Week seven
3 October
End of PDF reading; End of 'This I believe';
Activities... Google sheet for ideas; ...







Top: Week eight
10 October









Top: Week nine - Fall Recess
17 October
No hay clases - pas de cours - keine Kurse - no classes









Top: Week ten
24 October

Presentations of "From the Mountain to the Hilltop";

Monday October 28 is the last day to withdraw with a "W" (Not via TheNest: please go to dean's office Eppley 212 and fill out a form before 4 p.m.).

Sign-up for second meeting before Spring 2014 registration.

See your email earlier this week on your assigment.









Top: Week eleven
31 October
Schedulizer for Creighton - use it to organize your next schedule (Andrew) & Winter Term 2013 at Creighton (Andrew); Dropbox (voluntary); Writing guidelines "This I believe" first draft;









Top: Week twelve
7 November
Simone Weil (Brandon)









Top: Week thirteen
14 November
CCSJ visit on site
Notas y ayuda:









Top: Week fourteen
21 November
Writing guidelines "This I believe".
Writing guidelines "This I believe": Advanced or finished version due today;
HW: Please email your "This I believe" to me no later than Sunday, December 1 by noon. (I deduct points for being late, 10% for each day).









Top: Week fifteen
28 November

no hay clases - Día de Acción de Gracias
keine Kurse - Erntedankfest

no classes - Thanksgiving










Top: Week sixteen
5 December
Reading some of your "This I believe" stories: volunteers welcome; Reflection and Course Evaluation in class.









Top: Week seventeen - Finals week
12 December









Top: Semana de vacaciones :-)
First day of spring semester classes: Wednesday, January 15, 2014.