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(Major update 6 April, 2016; a few April 2018 edits)

TV - live streaming

Almost all languages, free access for Creighton students: Login info and .
See channels 1 - 8; Channel 1 for Germany, France and Canada, and Spain. Channel 2 for lot's of Spanish speaking countries, and channel 8 for extended broadcast from TVE.
SCOLA now has an APP for iPod and iPad via the iTunes Store, "SCOLA Mobile" (Nov. 2011)


ARD live (Most content is geo-blocked for USA)

Norddeutscher Rundfunk (Available in USA) NDR = N3 = "Das Dritte" as Flash Player
1. Watch NDR - Das Dritte (Flash),
2. Choose
NDR3 TV Program (-7 hrs. = CST)
3. On-demand  NDR Mediathek.

Hessischer Rundfunk (Available in USA) HR as Flash (h.264) Stream (as of April 2018):
1a. Watch HR live with subtitles (Mit Untertiteln):
1b. Watch HR live here (must have Flash installed),
2. Choose
HR TV Programm (-7 hrs.= CST).
Was ist der HR. Hier das HR Flash Video rechts unten.

Deutsche Welle TV live The U.S. stream in German does not seem to work (8 April 2018), but the Latin American stream does! Click here (choose DW Latinoamérica for DEU/SPA).
The English language DW stream works:

DW TV On-Deamand:

ZDF (Extra page for Live-Streams Abroad):  ZDF-Livestreams im Ausland sehen
(8. April 2018)
ZDF in Germany or with VPN for Germany
:, in Flash or HTML;


BFM TV News live stream page here (Flash only).

Español de España, RTVE on demand = "a la carta":

KMTV CBS Omaha, local news only (2018):
WOWT NBC Omaha, local news only (2018):

ARD live
HR das Dritte

DW TV live



Spain on demand

Radio - live and streaming: all ARD radio streams, includes many languages.

Deutsch: (link to supersite Germany , Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, some stations in Spain broadcast in German)

OGG Hohe Qualität
Modem OGG
DKultur ;
OGG Hohe Qualität

Wissen: OGG Hohe Qualität


FFH Webradio, choose "Schlager Kult " (Flash Player interface) for German-Only Music! [MP3direkt 128kbps;skey:1443118161].

NRJ German - nur deutsche Hits! URL (edited 10/2017)

Live-stream Info von Radio Bremen: WWW
Funkhaus Europa
Radio Bremen MP3 Webchannels hier

Bayrischer Rundfunk, all streaming links.

English: (link to supersite) (Canada; USA, Australia, New Zealand)

WKAR 90.5 FM, Sundays 7 p.m. ET Folksampler
WKAR 870 AM (StayTuned page)
KIOS FM 91.5
Nebraska Radio Talking Book Service (RTBS):

Français - updated September 2015: (link to supersite)

France Inter


Bleu Paris 107.1

FB Elsass

France Culture


Le Mouve

Webradios de France Culture
Chemins de la Connaissance
Sentiers de la Création

> France Bleu Alsace. Bas débit

Español: (link to supersite)

RNE Radio Nacional de España, many podcasts and 'en directo' live. 5 programs available. News = Radio 5.



RadioNet - ALL ARD radio stations, very easy access. Also shows direct URL to the actual streaming link, really cool.


Deutschland radio Kultur

Dradio Wissen




nur Deutsche Songs!
(neu 2013)








Radio Bremen



NPR station USA
NPR station USA


Most listened public radio style station from "RadioFrance

Podcasts (TV and Radio) - (Flash: All ARD podcasts )


1. ZDF Logo, Nachrichten, ca. 9 Minuten, ein- bis zweimal täglich. in iTunes hinzufügen or see webpage.
2. ZDF Heute-Journal, oft mit besonderen Themen, ca. 20 Minuten. in iTunes hinzufügen or see webpage.
3. ARD Tagesschau, ca. 14 Min. DIE Hauptnachrichtensendung in Deutschland! See all options here.
4. Deutsche Welle "Deutsch - Warum nicht, Serie 3": Webseite; Search the title in the iTunes store.
5. Deutsche Welle "Deutsch - Warum nicht, Serie 4": Webseite; Search the title in the iTunes store.
6. WDR Deutschstunde; Webseite und XML
7. Deutsche Welle "Langsam Gesprochene Nachrichten", Audio and Text and Podcast
Deutsche Welle, das Video Thema, with text (Manuskript) and worksheet (Übungen).
9. WDR podcast page: Wissen macht Ah!, Frau TV, etc.

ARD Mediathek, a lot of video and audio from all 'Bundesländer' public TV stations in Germany. Click on "Sendung verpasst", which is like "Video-On-Demand" for a 7-day archive. This is not a podcast, i.e. you don't download a file.
ZDF Mediathek, comparable to ARD's Mediathek. Click on "Sendung verpasst", which is like "Video-On-Demand" for a 7-day archive: This is not a podcast, i.e. you don't download a file.
3sat Mediathek, selected programs from Austria, Germany and Switzerland (thus 3 countries via satellite TV) The link takes you directly to "Sendung verpasst", which is like "Video-On-Demand". This is not a podcast, i.e. you don't download a file.
Deutsche Welle Mediacenter, comparable to ARD's Mediathek. This is not a podcast, i.e. you don't download a file, it is video-on-demand with Flash video (won't work on iPod or iPad!).

NDR Mediathek (neu 2012)

ARTE.TV (Deutsch und en français) German/French cultural programming!


Alphabetical RSS / XML listing of ALL FRANCE INTER PODCASTS - (for RSS & iTunes).
Radio France webpage for live streams and podcasts. Download a widget / app for iPod Touch / iPhone and other OSs.

RADIO: France Culture, Les pieds sur Terre: Excellent podcast, let's you "be" right where the action is. Listen to native speakers while the stereo microphone follows the topic next to their mouths. That's how the French really speak, no cleaned-up newscast discourse. (copy and paste into RSS reader)
itpc:// (click, or copy and paste into iTunes)
or try France Inter's Interception, weekly one hour special: (copy and paste into RSS reader)
itpc:// (click, or copy and paste into iTunes) TV News at 8 p.m. Nationwide audience, Le JT en video.


RTVE a la carta - Flash video on demand.
RTVE videos on demand in the 'mediateca', including full length episodes of telenovelas etc.

Click on the right side of this Flash navigation interface.



These podcast are for students of German for class assignments.





The ARD and ZDF Mediathek are your access to watch what Germans watch (7-day archive)

3sat is ARD/ZDF/ORF/SF.

Deutsche Welle's all in one place media, includes audio and video, and "Langsam Gesprochene Nachrichten".









Great for watching regional France3 TV news.


Radio: France Culture's "Les Pieds sur Terre".


A dream come true site. Watch what Spaniards are watching in Spain (7-day archive) (except movies due to licensing issues)


Hörspiele / radio plays:

1. ARD (all German public radio stations) Hörspielkalender.
2. WDR  Hörspielspeicher, Hörspiele zum Nachhören!
3. Deutschlandradio Kultur - Hörspiele und Features zum Nachhören.


German radio has a long history and continues to produce all kinds of Hörspiele (Wiki), e.g. on literature, political events, experimental, detective stories, etc. Below, please find some of the best links to locate Hörspiele on your own.


Summary of language learning key tools for authentic L2 (German):

1. (download and Insta-class); Creighton students have free subscription privileges. Contact your instructor!
2. Podcast Audio: a) DW langsam gesprochene Nachrichten; b) Deutsch - warum nicht 1-4 c) Deutsche im Alltag - Alltagsdeutsch d) Sprachbar;
3. Podcast TV: a) ZDF Logo b) WDR Wissen macht Ah! c) ARD Tagesschau 15min or ZDF Heute-Journal 25min;
4. Install APPS on iPod/iPhone or Droid: ZDF Mediathek (TV); ARD Mediathek (TV);








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