About Grammatik

Selection of home-brewed exercises with helpful feedback.
Ein historisch gewachsenes Sammelsurium aus JavaScript Übungen (auch für Handys) und Shockwave (pre-2016) und mit Rückmeldung.
A collection of Shockwave (now outdated, but may still work with pre-2016 browsers) and JavaScript exercises (works on cell phones and tablets) with immediate feedback.
GPO - Grammatik

Third-Party grammar sites
1. U. of WI-Madison: Untangler & Online Book;
2. UT Austin: COERLL, Deutsch im Blick (strong on transcribed authentic video interviews), Introduction, and Grimm’s Grammar;
3. Nancy Thuleen: great handouts with some answer keys;
4. U.of Michigan, Grammar pages;
5. Deutschseite.de, Grammatik;
6. German with Laura (commercial): Try Grammar Topics on free pages with explanations.