Die Besten Links fürs Deutschlernen

Diese Seite zeigt die besten Links für Deutsch. Diese Seite ist für Studenten, die viel alleine Deutsch lernen möchten oder müssen. Zuletzt aktualisiert am 29.10.2010 um 13:20 Uhr. [If you want to listen to German music radio stations, check out NRJ German (aus der Schweiz:URL https://energy.ch/play/german) and "FFH Radio "Schlagerkult"". Schlagerkult MP3 stream direct]

I. Interaktive Seiten mit Feedback für Grammatik und Vokabeln

  1. Kontakte ACE test: beginning German I and II
  2. Deutsch im Blick (UT Austin): free & open access, Grimm's Grammar explanations with cloze exercises (with Feedback) at bottom of page.
  3. Back online 2106! Intermediate level (300) interactive Flash exercises. Handbuch zur deutschen Grammatik.
  4. Deutschseite.de: Grammar & exercise pages, incl. PDFs.
  5. interdeutsch.de, interactive exercises with feedback, Level one, two, and three (for advanced)
  6. Achtung-deutsch.com, interactive, levels A, B, or C (European references). Some areas work without (free) registration.

II. Lernprogramme mit Audio, for example Readlang - German library (sign-up may be necessary).

  1. Deutsche Welle online has complete language courses with Audio, PDFs, and more.  If necessary, choose your mother tongue in the pull down menu "language selector".  Choose "Grundstufe" (basic), "Mittelstufe" (intermediate), or Wirtschaftsdeutsch (business German).
  2. LanguageGuide.org. Study the pronunciation of many domains, e.g. die Schule, die Kleidung, etc.
  3. Practice your pronunciation with expert linguistic explanations. Learn German Pronunciation with linguistic explanations and Audio, Video, and Animation. The sounds of spoken language, University of Iowa.
  4. Deutsche Welle Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten. Daily news on weekdays with MP3 and Transcripts.
  5. http://www.kaleidos.de/ (kaleidoskop.de ist KEIN Textbuch) Interviews on many topics (kein Audio mehr);

III. Videos auf Deutsch

  1. Videos für typische Alltagssituationen (LangMedia 5Colleges)
  2. Short Video situations with emphasis on socio-cultural pragmatic functions, i.e. "this is what Germans would say". Even has Transcripts / Sogar mit Text. Nm=native male, NNf=non-native female... (CLEAR at MSU)
  3. Deutsche Welle Deutschlernen mit Videos.
  4. Deutsche Welle Video-on-Demand. You can't watch DW-TV live in the USA, but VoD works fine. Try their DW-App for streaming TV.
  5. German Music Videos from StepIntoGerman/Goethe Institute. Why study German? More Reasons: one, two, and three.
  6. Music via Readlang, with Google Translate, e.g. "Nur noch kurz die Welt retten" - Tim Bendzko.

IV. Mega-Sites, große Sammlungen mit vielen Links; Huge Collections with Many Links.

  1. GROW American Association of Teachers of German.
  2. like GROW, but hosted in Germany for DaF (Deutsch als Fremdsprache)
  3. ...
  4. ...
  5. ...

V. Dictionaries / Wörterbücher für Deutsch & READ German via Readlang, see item 5 or use Dartmouth's Annotext for German Literature.

  1. Wordmirror Nicely lists all occurrences of a verb in context. Try 'ging' to see for yourself.
  2. Leo.org Just type the word in English or German.
  3. Dict.cc Another great dictionary.
  4. Wordreference.com has finally added German (in 2008).
  5. Using Google Translate, there are some literary works available via Readlang, e.g. Wolfgang Borchert's Küchenuhr. Click the "R" on the top left corner to return to main page.
  6. Dartmouth's Annotext has full story from German literature with excellent translation tools. https://annotext.dartmouth.edu/texts?language_id=10000

VI. Helper Programs, Plug-ins, etc.

  1. Adobe Flash Player. 95% of users have this plug-in and enjoy multimedia and interactivity. However, most cell phones and portable iWorld stuff do not support flash.
  2. Adobe Shockwave Player. The first (mid 1990s) serious web-based plug-in for interactivity.
  3. Apple QuickTime. And get iTunes too if you want to explore the multimedia world of video podcasts from Germany, for example, LOGO news for kids, Heute Journal, or Tagesschau. Alternative to iTunes is Juice as a Podcatcher.
  4. Windows Media Player by Microsoft for Windows and Apple computers. Or you can use Flip4Mac and watch WMV videos inside QuickTime.
  5. Some web-broadcasters still use Real Player. Here is a link to the player. Make sure to click on the FREE player.


Links zu Kultur- und Lernmaterialien (Best links for teachers of German):

  1. Cultural Interviews with German-Speaking Executives is a compilation of brief video clips in which German executives discuss cultural issues that are of interest to North Americans... more. (Kelm, Somerholter, Rathmann - UTAustin)
  2. Rechtschreibregeln und Wörterverzeichnis: Die Deutsche Rechtschreibung.
  3. tba

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