GER 321 - Resources

During the semester, your instructor may mention websites and links for learning German. Here they are:

GAVO German Audio and Video Online: Listen to questions and read answers
GPO German Practice Online: Grammar exercises with feedback, plus drills.
Listen to native speakers' dialogues on-campus, with transcripts (a.ka. OLA).
NEW Mega Grammatik Site auf Deutsch mit PDF Dokumenten.
Handbuch Grammatik Homepage for Textbook, has additional online exercises for free.
Scola Live-TV, 7-day archive, and Insta-Class ea. week (access info for on-campus) Look up most German verbs and receive a detailed conjugation table.
Vocabulix Drill and study vocabulary and conjugation, neat drills.
Deutsche Welle, langsam gesprochene Nachrichten (News with transcript read slowly), use with iTunes or other Podcast catching programs like Juice: Take this URL
Language Guide.Org Build up your vocabulary and repeat after the native speaker.
Sounds of German, Univ. of Iowa project, with audio, video, and linguistic explanations.

Very good dictionaries for German
Dict.Leo.Org =
= = Ideal for typing in any verb form, especially irregular verbs and it will find the infinitive, e.g. 'sah' and it will find 'sehen'.

Links to Grammar pages
Irregular and Strong Verbs (
Deutschseite explains grammar very well AND has many online interactive exercises with right/wrong feedback.


Jova-Nova, viele Tipps zum Briefeschreiben, hier: Praktikum.

US embassy in Germany, on Germans in the U.S. NEW!


= Audio/Video online= = Homepage Dr. Böhlke




Körperteile auf dt.



authentic German dialogues on-campus

DW-langsam gesprochene Nachrichten

SCOLA und Instaclass

Irreguläre Verben

Prepare to answer the first 10 questions without much hesitation! You need to install Macromedia's Shockwave Player for this program.


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