German 202 Checklist

Please complete all necessary steps in this list in sequential order. Contact me if any of the steps below can not be done for any reason (bohlkeÄTcreightonDOTeh-de-uh) Back to GER202 Home.
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Purchasing eChapters of 'Stationen'

  1. Have access to a Windows or Macintosh computer with administrataive rights so you can install software.
  2. Have or install Internet Explorer 7 or 8 for Windows, or Safari for Mac.
  3. Have or install the latest Adobe Reader. . Unselect the Anti-Virus Scan software and download Adobe Reader (~38Mb). Creighton gives you free AV software for Windows.
  4. Read this page first, then install publishers DRM (digital rights management) software: Installation Guide for Windows or Mac (to unseal 'Sealed Media')
  5. Step-by-step screenshots of the installation process.
  6. Can you see the fish on the test page? If yes, you have successfully installed DRM software for CengageLearning.
  7. Now let's get to 'Stationen': Register or log-in first. Use a 'junk' email account on Gmail or Hotmail or Yahoo if you don't want to use your CU email account.
  8. Once logged-in, you can download the Berlin chapter and the Intro chapter with additional materials. Do this.
  9. Purchase the chapters I indicated in my email. After log-in, I located the 'Stationen' book by using the search field. Try this link. Each chapter costs $ 7.99 as of January 2010.
    search for 'Stationen'