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Hi. You are probably reading this page because you searched for the terms "Dealtree" and "Complaint" or "Review" before doing business with them on eBay. My ebay history started back in 1999 and I have never seen such a bad surprise and all the extra time it took to fix the problem. Dealtree did not give me an explanation for the mistake, but they did refund the money and paid for the return shipping, which made me choose "Neutral" as the official eBay feedback. I did not have to go through eBay's resolution center.

Dealtree, ebay User ID "best_buy_outlet" was bought by BestBuy a few years ago, and operates as a separate entity. You can't return your items to a BestBuy store.

In a nutshell: I ordered a "NEW" LG Rumor II (see screenshot of eBay post - August 2011) phone, but they shipped a different phone in a plastic sealed LG Rumor II phone packages. It's like buying Frosty Flakes, but with Cherios inside. I let the pictures speak for themselves.


Happy eBaying. This was the first time I created a feedback page because this story should be told. (page created 28 November 2011)


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Below, you see a photo of the phone that was supposed to be in the package.


Below: Close-up of the Kyocera phone, which is not supposed to be in the shrink wrapped LG Rumor II package.